MS Excel is one of the most important applications of the MS office. Most users prefer MS excel for storing the data in the format of the table. It has various features to make the data more attractive. It has various charts, graphs and various tables which help a user in understanding the data more clearly.

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To change from lowercase to uppercase in Excel, follow the given points-

· Using upper case function-
Ø In this function you can write the text in any way, it will change the entire text to uppercase.
Ø Click insert after doing right click on the letter given at the top of the column. This will insert a column to the right of the text.
Ø To capitalize the data, move the cursor to the cell which is at the right position of the text that you want to capitalize.
Ø In the top toolbar, press the function button which looks similar to alphabet E.
Ø In the formula bar type word UPPER in front of the equals sign. After pressing the function button, replace SUM with UPPER.
Ø Against the word UPPER type the cell location in parenthesis.
Ø Press enter to capitalize the data of the selected cell location.
Ø To capitalize the entire cells in the selected column, click on the little box given at the right corner of the cell.

· Using proper name function- This function will capitalize the first letter of all the cells.
Ø Enter the text in the first column. Visit Microsoft

Ø Add a new column by clicking on insert getting after doing a right click on the alphabet at the top of the first column.
Ø Take the cursor to the cell which is in front of the first text and click on the formula button which looks like an alphabet E.
Ø Click on the formula bar and replace the SUM with PROPER to change the function.
Ø Type the first text location in parenthesis with word PROPER.
Ø Press enter to capitalize the first letter of the entire text in the cell.
Ø To capitalize all the first letters of the text, drag the box at the bottom of the column.
Ø To select the entire column, click on the alphabet given at the top of the replacement column. Click on edit option and select copy from the list. Select paste option from the drop down list and select the paste values.
Ø Select the right column and click on delete option to leave the replacement values.

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