Google Chrome is one of the usable web browsers that was developed by Google. Chrome is a freeware web browser. It was specially designed for Microsoft windows but Chrome is running different platforms such as Mac os, Ios, and Android also.
Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. It does not mean that this web browser is perfect. The users face many problems during the use of Chrome browser. Now I am talking about the problems of google chrome.

The problems of Google Chrome – There are many problems that the users can find through the use of google browser.
1. Clean up mess
2. Kill the tabs that kill PC
3. Guest browsing
4. Change the Omnibox search engine
5. Stop auto-play videos
6. Mute tabs with a click
7. Update the extensions
8. Scale the interface
9. Block annoying data requests
10. Stop accidental closures

Google Chrome will ask permission before it will allow the websites to access the users their location or push the user’s notifications. That is a good thing but it got awfully annoying, awfully fast as the users wandered across the vast expanse of the web, especially if their answers were a uniform “lolnope”.
Fortunately, the users can tell Chrome to quit bugging the users with these prompts by automatically declining the requests. Google Chrome will not play nice windows default interface scaling, which sucks when the users will be browsing on a display with an exceptionally high or exceptionally low resolution as it means on- screen elements can look too small or too large, respectively. Google will not include any obvious way to update their installed extensions. That‘s dumb, especially if the users will be trying to get the latest version of an extension to plug a dangerous security hole.

Everyone now and again a website will go haywire and slow their computer to a crawl, even if the users will be using a powerful computer. The way Chrome’s designed the users can kill that particular tab without nuking the entire browser. If Google Chrome’s still at all responsive, the best way to do so its dedicated manager. Then the users will click the three vertical dots in the upper – right corner to open Chrome’s options. After that hover over the more tools option and then click the task manager. Google Chrome’s task manager will pop up and show the users how many resources every aspect for their browser will be using, right down to the individual websites; the one murdering their computers will jump out at them.
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